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Communication Arts 2012

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Last edited July 19, 2014
With lactic acid juice flavor

FF Sero combines the familiar forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist sans. It has open counters, a relatively high x-height and a homogeneous gray value. Inside the seven years of its development, the classic letterforms matured to reveal a balanced, distincitve design. Eight carefully stepped weights and an extensive character set allow for a sophisticated and... Read More

Slaughter is the best medicine

These days, it’s easy to find typefaces with multiple widths and weights, but they’re nearly all sans serifs. Large serif families are much less common. The 30-style FF More fills this need. In three widths, five weights each, the family answers every need of publication design, from readable text and space-efficient captions to strong headlines. FF More’s robust serifs and gentle contrast hold... Read More

If you're going through hell, keep walking

Palatino Sans is a 21st Century sans serif typeface from the master German designer Hermann Zapf. Palatino Sans and Palatino Sans Informal was designed as part of a group of three font families: Palatino nova, Palatino Sans, and Palatino Sans Informal. Together these three families act as the fulfilment of Herman Zapf's original Palatino idea. Palatino, which was born as a metal typeface in... Read More

Jörg Hemker
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Akira Kobayashi, Nadine Chahine and Hermann Zapf
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