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TDC2 2007 Award Winners

The Type Directors Club of New York awarded these typefaces a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in its annual TDC2 competition.

Last edited December 08, 2014

These selections won the recognition of the jury at the annual type design competition organized by the Type Directors Club of New York, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to educating its international membership and the graphic arts community about type, type design, and its myriad of uses in the field of communications.

The contest was judged by Luc(as) deGroot, Rod McDonald, Sumner Stone, and Maxim Zhukov. Dennis Pasternak chaired the jury.

This Fontlist shows all the winning designs that are offered through FontShop.

Law prohibits underwater smoking

Named after the Florentine river which runs through the heart of the Italian Renaissance, Arno draws on the warmth and readability of early humanist typefaces of the 15th and 16th centuries. While inspired by the past, Arno is distinctly contemporary in both appearance and function. Designed by Adobe Principal Designer Robert Slimbach, Arno is a meticulously-crafted face in the tradition of... Read More

Japanese apple and cheerful hamster

Midan, designed by Kameel Hawa, director of Almohtaraf Assaudi, in 2005 and extended it by Bold and Black in 2010, is a modern Arabic typeface based on simplified Naskh with a slightly modulated stroke treatment. It is suited for text settings, especially in brochures and magazines. It is characterized by a large body height and open counters and as such can be used in small sizes. The font... Read More

Even fools are right sometimes

Palatino Sans is a 21st Century sans serif typeface from the master German designer Hermann Zapf. Palatino Sans and Palatino Sans Informal was designed as part of a group of three font families: Palatino nova, Palatino Sans, and Palatino Sans Informal. Together these three families act as the fulfilment of Herman Zapf's original Palatino idea. Palatino, which was born as a metal typeface in... Read More

Species with vogue synchronous

FF Tisa designed by Mitja Miklav quickly became a new-millennium favorite of graphic designers, in print as well as on the web. Its large x-height and sturdy, well-spaced forms aid its legibility at text sizes, while its low stroke contrast and range of weights allow it to successfully function at larger sizes as well. Since the designer considered wayfinding systems a potential use for the... Read More

Robert Slimbach
Adobe 2007
Kameel Hawa
Linotype 2005
Akira Kobayashi, Nadine Chahine and Hermann Zapf
Linotype 2006
Mitja Miklavcic
FontFont 2008
Jarno Lukkarila
Typolar 2006