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FontShop’s Type of the Year

Each year we select the most successful and interesting new fonts released on from the last twelve months.

Last edited May 03, 2014
No occupation while stabilizing

FF Tisa designed by Mitja Miklav quickly became a new-millennium favorite of graphic designers, in print as well as on the web. Its large x-height and sturdy, well-spaced forms aid its legibility at text sizes, while its low stroke contrast and range of weights allow it to successfully function at larger sizes as well. Since the designer considered wayfinding systems a potential use for the... Read More

The world without his nucleus

The Arlt super family pays tribute to the writings of Roberto Arlt, Argentinian writer from early 20th c. who wrote some original novels, all of which 'Siete Locos' ('Seven Madmen') is the most celebrated piece. Arlt has a Baroque style interpreted with an expressionist, more contemporary flair. This means the type is full of intense contrasts and vivid, expressive feelings. The italics make a... Read More

To hold a pen is to wage war

Soho is the latest addition to the growing range of typefaces from Sebastian Lester. This grand opus of a project resulted in a typeface that comprises nine weights and five widths of precision engineered OpenType. 40 fonts, 32,668 characters and 24 OpenType features.Hot on the heels of the popular Neo Sans and Neo Tech range, and his first typeface release Scene, Soho represents three years of... Read More

Beware of explosive dogs

In his primary role as an editorial and magazine designer, Łukasz Dziedzic has been in a constant search for new typefaces. Most of his own type designs originate from situations where he felt none of the available faces worked “quite right” in the context of a project he was working on. Therefore most of his typefaces have at some point seen use in real magazine layouts, and have been refined... Read More

To hold a pen is to wage war

The design of FF Chambers Sans is inspired by very divergent sources. In fact, during its development, designer Verena Gerlach had two styles in mind that work as polar opposites. The first was a traditional, engraved serif from a scientific book printed in 1686. The other is the generic sans serif style found in the lettering on enamel street signs. FF Chambers Sans is an experiment that... Read More

Do not joke for the bathroom

It was only after seeking the help of fellow type designers Christian Schwartz and Kris Sowersby that Erik Spiekermann was able to fashion a suitable serif companion to his most famous sans, FF Meta. Rather than pasting serifs in place, the process took starting from scratch until a face appeared that looked and felt like a Meta, but that functioned more like a traditional seriffed text... Read More

Charles Borges de Oliveira
Borges Lettering
Mitja Miklavcic
FontFont 2008
Alejandro Lo Celso
Sebastian Lester
Monotype 2007
Hans Samuelson
Lukasz Dziedzic
FontFont 2008
Luc(as) de Groot
Verena Gerlach
FontFont 2008
John Roshell
Comicraft 2015
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Brian Willson
Three Islands Press 2002
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Three Islands Press
Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz, Kris Sowersby, Ralph du Carrois and Botio Nikoltchev
FontFont 2007
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione