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FF Soupbone Alternatives

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Noah Nazir
Last edited August 24, 2018

FF Soupbone was initially designed on a Mac Classic, using a mouse to draw each letterform in the original (regular) weight. Slowly. Although it was designed to look like handwriting done with a marker, its tools of production include only the computer. The bold and extra bold weights, as well as most of the dingbats were drawn with a Wacom tablet. The whole process took about three years, finding time amid other projects.

You never must sausage a place

The Kidprint font is designed to look like a child´s printing. Kidprint is useful any time a playful or whimsical look is required.

Don’t drink a car under alcohol


Providence was first drawn in 1987 to set lines in a comic book series – FF Providence Sans for the dialog, and its serif companion for... Read More

Do not annoy by playing golf

Providence was first drawn in 1987 to set lines in a comic book series – FF Providence Sans for the dialog, and its serif companion for running narrative. In 1994 the typefaces were revisited, adding weights and a set of dingbats, and named after the designer’s home town in Rhode Island, USA.

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies

Zemke Hand was based on the handwriting of its creator, Deborah Zemke, who also designed the symbol font ITC Situations. Cheerful and carefree, the characters have the consciously sketchy look of printed handwriting. ITC Zemke Hand will please young and very young readers and is perfect for cartoons, comics and children's books.

Get hold of arm rest to fall the wound

Lydian is an unusual sans serif face with strongly calligraphic letter shapes, originally cut by American Type Founders. The eye-catching nature of the Lydian font family has made it popular for use in magazines and advertising as well as in newspapers for headlines and introductions. The cursive has an even more marked pen-drawn structure.

Beware the hobby that eats

The type family FF Layout is intended to be used for planning complex layouts. It contains a block-letter, hand-written face FF Layout (4 weights: Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic), FF Oxmox (Regular and Bold) where all letters are replaced with either x, m, or o, and the “greeked” text FF Tramline that displays the text as solid grey lines. While the comic-like FF Layout can be used well... Read More

Palace explodes diced chicken

FF Rattlescript is a script-style font family with a handwritten look available in a wide range of weights and styles. The typeface’s open and friendly appearance recommends it to use in an informal context where other handwritten faces may appear too structured or too illegible. Rattlescript is, for this style of typeface, remarkably legible and can be used equally well as a display face or as... Read More

A friction is very interesting

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During planning for the new Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris at the beginning of the 1970s, it was determined that the airport's... Read More

Blaze up the custom made of going

Alphabet soup is common across the Western world, but the specific letterforms often vary from country to country. The German artist Alexander C. Totter made a careful study of the available letter styles, comparing form, color, taste, etc. with scientific precision. FF FontSoup Catalan – a Catalonian version – was digitized by Typerware back in 1993, likely becoming the first printable pasta.... Read More

Do not use pool during fiery rain

The ITC Pino™ typeface family is Slobodan Jelesijevic’s second suite of commercial fonts. Although a small family of three weights, it is remarkably versatile. Like many typefaces, Pino grew out of a desire for a particular kind of design. Jelesijevic was creating a series of illustrations for a children’s magazine and needed a typeface that was lighthearted, legible and would complement his... Read More

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Slip away the hot chicken slice

Rotis® is a comprehensive family group with Sans Serif, Semi Sans, Serif, and Semi Serif styles, for a total of 17 weights including italics. The four families have similar weights, heights and proportions; though the Sans is primarily monotone, the Semi Sans has swelling strokes, the Semi Serif has just a few serifs, and the Serif has serifs and strokes with mostly vertical axes. Designed by... Read More

Sarcasm is more a shield than a lance

Green is the work of British designer Timothy Donaldson, known for his experimentation with letter forms. This typeface features a sharp stroke contrast and eccentric lower case letters, giving it a vital, clean-cut style. Green is perfect in both large display sizes and small text sizes and gives any work a fresh, new look.

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