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Unna Regino
Last edited May 21, 2021
Who loves me, loves my dog too

Futura designer Paul Renner blended industrial shapes with quirky details for his 1928 Plak typeface, which has been extended and updated into 60 weight family Neue Plak. Toshi Omagari and Linda Hintz have carefully interpreted the designer’s original intentions to revive this lost gem of the type world, drawing on research into the existing wood type to create a new set of widths and weights –... Read More

The grass is smiling at you

Work began on what would become the Between typeface with sketches of a DIN that didn’t feel quite so cold. The principle of warmth became the focus of the family, which covers three variations from subtle nuance to humanistic fluency. Built for versatility, the Between typeface’s numbered variations span eight full weights from thin to black, each complete with a companion italic.

Beware of geeks bearing formulas

FF Roice is a re-tooled version of the concept behind FF Engine. Both typefaces come from Dutch designer Alex Scholing. While each are contemporary sans serifs, FF Roice is the more “serious” of the two. FF Roice comes in five weights, each complete with italics. When Scholing first designed FF Engine in 1995, he had no type designing experience whatsoever. He soon learned that he could do... Read More

Dmitry Greshnev
Green Type
Jonathan Hill
The Northern Block 2018
Michael Hagemann
FontMesa 2017
Paul Renner, Toshi Omagari and Linda Hintz
Monotype 1930
Chatnarong Jingsuphatada
Typesketchbook 2017

René Bieder
Jeremy Dooley
insigne 2015
Hendra Maulia
Dirtyline Studio

René Bieder
Akira Kobayashi
Monotype 2016
Gerard Unger, Monotype.Design Studio and Linda Hintz
Linotype 1977
Henrique Beier
Harbor Type 2019
Alex Scholing
FontFont 2003
Jonathan Hill
The Northern Block 2020
Charles Nix
Monotype 2018
Ray Larabie
Typodermic 2016

Characters Font Foundry
Kimmy Kirkwood
Kimmy Design 2020
Ariel Sullivan
Connary Fagen
Connary Fagen 2020
Russell Bean
Type Associates 2015
Paulo Goode
Monotype 2019
Ivan Gladkikh, TypeType Team, Marina Khodak and Yulia Gonina
TypeType 2015
Filippo Salmina
FSdesign-Salmina 2010