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Inline: Display

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Stephen Coles
Last edited October 24, 2014
No occupation while stabilizing

Follies is the work of designer Alan Meeks. Its striking 1940s style is combined with an inline look. Follies is excellent for applications where a strong graphic headline is required.

Humor is reason gone bad

Shaman is the work of British designer Phill Grimshaw and you can almost hear the drums beating when you see it. It is a bold display typeface that features a unique, fractured effect and evokes a somehow primitive quality. Shaman is an all caps alphabet which comes complete with spot illustrations, graphic devices and a border system.

No news is the mother of invention

Designed by Ashley Havinden, Ashley Inline is a monoweight all-capitals typeface with a hand-crafted look, suggesting European decorative wood-cut letters from the twenties and thirties. The term inline refers to the fine reversed-out line in the centre of the characters of the Ashley Inline font.

Stop, I do not eat junk mail

The Phosphor font was designed by Jakob Erbar and released in 1930. This inline headline face was designed to look like glowing letters, hence its name Phosphor.

Let us do the birds friend

The FF Archian family came from György Szönyei’s desire to create a geometric font using vertical and horizontal elements and no curves. FF Archian Normal was the first arrival of the family, the product of playful manipulation of form and function. The other weights were produced as variations on a theme, each with a different inspiration: architecture, painting, and fine arts. In 2010 the... Read More

Houston, we have a problem

On March 20, 1988, Mike Tyson defended his world championship title against challenger Tony Tubbs. The event’s poster was designed by Neville Brody which named the fight’s location: the Tokyo Dome. Full alphabets based on the letters Brody drew by hand for the poster were eventually completed and digitized into ten fonts. These form the FF Dome, FF Tokyo, and FF World series. All typefaces have... Read More

Please civilization use elevator

Frankfurter font is the work of designer Alan Meeks. The most distinctive feature of this informal, sans serif typeface is its curved or rounded terminals. The letters look best when set closely together. Frankfurter Medium is well-suited to a variety of display applications and comes in four weights, regular, medium, highlight and inline.

Please do not get over it

Flamenco is the work of British artist Tony Geddes. Its versatile display style has an inline contour decoration and a controlled yet casual appearance. Flamenco will guarantee visual excitement across a vast range of advertising applications.

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Jakob Erbar
György Szönyei
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Robert Harling
Rudolf Koch and Alan Meeks
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Neville Brody
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