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Three-Dimensional: Embossed

Yves Peters
Last edited May 03, 2014
Get hold of arm rest to fall the wound

The FF Archian family came from György Szönyei’s desire to create a geometric font using vertical and horizontal elements and no curves. FF Archian Normal was the first arrival of the family, the product of playful manipulation of form and function. The other weights were produced as variations on a theme, each with a different inspiration: architecture, painting, and fine arts. In 2010 the... Read More

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

Milano is definitely in the upper echelon of display typography with its superb, engraved chromium style, italic lowercase and extravagant initials. The lowercase is designed to be closely set. From the talented hand of British designer David Quay.

No news is the mother of invention

Laser is the work of British designer Martin Wait. The typeface family includes Laser, a slick and modern script typeface, and Laser chrome, its glossy, chromium alternative. The capitals are meant to be used only as initials in combination with the lowercase alphabet and are best used slightly overlapping each other in a display text. Laser is ideal wherever an energetic style is needed.

Careful tiny grass is dreaming

Just as popular as the digital typewriter face FF Trixie are those in the FF Instant Types series: FF Confidential, FF Dynamoe, FF Flightcase, FF Karton, and FF Stamp Gothic. Named after the places each comes from, these fonts feature familiar character sets from everyday letters and figures all around us: packaging, flight cases, children’s stamp boxes, Dymo tape labelers. We see them every... Read More

Michael Doret
Alphabet Soup 2006
John Roshell
Comicraft 2022
György Szönyei
FontFont 2010
David Quay
ITC 1985
Martin Wait
ITC 1987
Just van Rossum
FontFont 1992