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ITC Tempus Sans and Barbedor

Noah Nazir
Last edited March 19, 2018
ITC Tempus Sans
Mind the static electricity

ITC Tempus is the work of British designer Phill Grimshaw. He claims that every calligrapher's aspiration is to draw perfect roman capitals with a pen, but admits that this is extremely difficult. For this typeface, Grimshaw used a fountain pen on cheap, porous paper and, of course, the ink bled. The resulting forms are classic but their rugged edges deviate from the perfection of roman... Read More

Humor is reason gone bad

The Swiss designer Hans Eduard Meier originally designed Barbedor for the Hell Digiset machine. Barbedor is based on handwritten humanist book scripts of the 15th century, and its chracters are typical of the style of those made by broad tipped pens. Tiny serif-like elements reveal the line of the writing utensil and emphasize the nature of this typeface. Classic and legible, Barbedor is a... Read More

Phill Grimshaw
ITC 1995
Hans Eduard Meier
Linotype 1987