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ITC Wisteria Alternatives

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Noah Nazir
Last edited August 20, 2018

Wisteria was designed by Michael Stacey and appeared in the ITC library in 1995. It is a robust script font with doubled strokes which look as though they were written with a broad split pen tip. The figures are both energetic and rich in contrast. Such typefaces became popular in the 1930s and were distinguished by the informal sketchiness atypical of calligraphic alphabets. Wisteria has both the grace of a calligraphy font as well as the brusqueness caused by its sharp-edged stroke endings. This contrast makes the overall image interesting and lively. Wisteria is best used for headlines and short texts in point sizes of 14 and larger.

Please stop to steal our newspaper

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The lively calligraphy font Bendigo was created by Phill Grimshaw in 1993 and looks as though it were written by an energetic hand. ... Read More

Hell with the dog, beware of wife

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Beware of geeks bearing formulas

ITC Stranger is the work of California designer Jill Bell, a slashing, almost menacing calligraphic typeface in a narrow, upright style. In small sizes, the strokes themselves draw more attention than the letterforms. In larger sizes, the effect is a little rougher and more diffuse, as the bristled ends of some strokes become apparent.

Misery loves bacon and cheese

Gaius is a beautiful script face with a nice relationship between the broad-edged pen and the proportions of the letterforms. It is very flexible and gives a personal touch due to its various alternate fonts with swash beginners, ending and ligature letterforms. Like Zapfino from Hermann Zapf, Gaius offers a great variety and makes the text more personal and readable.

Carefully ground obstacle be care walk

Gillies Gothic font was originally designed by William S. Gillies for Bauer'sche Schriftgiesserei. The Extra Bold Weight was designed by Freda Sack at Letraset Design Studio and later the Extra Bold Shaded was designed by Phillip Kelly at Letraset. The extravagant capitals should be used as initials with the more reserved lowercase, and the lowercase should be set closely, overlapping where... Read More

Stop, I do not eat junk mail

ITC Farmhaus is the work of British designer Tim Donaldson and is, in his own words, "Neil Young meets Paul Renner." Donaldson borrowed the perfect circles and clean lines of Renner's drawings for Futura and gave them jagged edges and uneven, thick strokes. Farmhaus contains one set of capitals and two sets of lower case letters.

There is no smoking in the depths

Jokerman is the work of British designer Andrew Smith. It is a wild and energetic font that is effective when set in all caps, or as mixture of caps and lowercase. Included are a number of alternate letters and funky forms. Jokerman is a fanciful display font that exudes excitement and vitality.

Please present your octopus

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In 2005, Handsome was one of the first script typefaces to utilize the OpenType format to simulate the natural quality of writing, by... Read More

Law prohibits underwater smoking

Grace was designed by Elisabeth Megnet and appeared with Linotype in 1992. The font is a part of the package "Calligraphy for Print", which also contains Ruling Script and Wiesbaden Swing. "Calligraphy for Print 2" completes the set. These packages offer modern calligraphy fonts particularly well-suited to use in posters, magazines and advertisements. The basic style of Grace is based on the... Read More

Never put a sock in a toaster

Kasper was designed by Franco Luin in 1995. It is an informal script typeface and its playful, dynamic characters are perfect for greeting cards and other personal correspondence.

Bounce Charles Borges de Oliveira Borges Lettering
Rabbits be cuddly or nutritious

Linotype Contacta is part of the TakeType Library, which features winners of Linotype's International Digital Type Design Contest. Ralf Weissmantel designed this font to display no stroke contrast at all. Instead of using conventional letter forms, Contacta is a more designed-oriented font, with some characters recognizable only in context, not necessarily at first glance. The technical,... Read More

Phill Grimshaw
ITC 1993
Gerhard Schwekendiek
ITC 1991
Jill Bell
ITC 1997
Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa
Michel Besnard
Julius de Goede
Linotype 2002
William S. Gillies
ITC 1935
Natalia Vasilyeva
Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa
William S. Gillies, Freda Sack, Vince Whitlock and Philip Kelly
Elsner+Flake 1935

Timothy Donaldson
ITC 1995
Gerd Sebastian Jakob and Joerg Ewald Meißner
Elsner+Flake 2001
Andrew Smith
ITC 1995


Profonts Studio
Philip Bouwsma
Elisabeth Megnet
Linotype 1995
Franko Luin
Linotype 1995
Carl Crossgrove
Adobe 1998
Charles Borges de Oliveira
Borges Lettering
Ralf Weissmantel
Linotype 1994