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Lively Text

Linda Hintz
Last edited March 12, 2015
A nuclear war can ruin your whole day

Originally designed during her Type and Media masters course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, FF Dora was drawn by editorial and book designer Slávka Pauliková. It is a strong-willed type system consisting of five styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, and Display. FF Dora’s construction principles – especially in the italic and display styles – are based on a careful study of... Read More

Boredom is rage spread thin

Under the guidance of Albert-Jan Pool and Professor André Heers, Jakob Runge started designing the typeface that would ultimately become FF Franziska as part of his studies at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. The robust text face performs well in body text, while its more extreme weights do the work of setting headlines. Details such as its short descenders accommodate tighter... Read More

Think more, design less

The Ingeborg family was designed with the intent of producing a readable modern face. Its roots might well be historic, but its approach is very contemporary. Ingeborg’s text styles are functional and discreet. This was achieved without losing the classic characteristics of a Didone typeface, which are the vertical stress and the high contrast. The display styles on the other hand are... Read More

Survivors will be shot again

Frank Grießhammer started FF Quixo out as graduation project while studying in the Type and Media program at KABK Den Haag. Learning pointed-pen calligraphy, he explored a more casual dimension by interpreting the model with different-sized brushes. In the typeface presented at graduation each of the weights is based on a different writing tool. Afterward, the concept was re-evaluated and... Read More

Set goods afire, paste at will

Cosmiqua is a lively serif family from Linotype's Type Director, Akira Kobayashi. Inspired by advertising design from the 1950s, Kobayashi began to closely examine his favorite letterforms from this genre, particularly those headline faces that appear to live in the space between formal italic types and casual handwriting. These letterforms exude a certain hope for the future, and also appear... Read More

Sarcasm is more a shield than a lance

Christoph Dunst designed Novel for use in editorial design – which he thinks shouldn’t be too surprising given its name. Yet he also wanted it to work for corporate typography. The design stems from the concern that most typefaces that are popular for corporate typography somehow feel a bit strong and stiff. This is why he set out to create a design that has a swashy and calligraphic appearance... Read More

Help oneself terminating machine

ITC Veljovic was designed by Jovica Veljović and displays an obvious calligraphic heritage. The designer was strongly influenced by German designer Hermann Zapf and Israeli designer Henri Friedlander. ITC Veljovic exhibits a crisp precision, as if the letters were cut in stone rather than drawn with pen and ink.

Slávka Pauliková
FontFont 2013
Jan Fromm
Jan Fromm 2010
Jakob Runge
FontFont 2014
Michael Hochleitner
Typejockeys 2009
Frank Grießhammer
FontFont 2013
Akira Kobayashi
Linotype 2007
Christoph Dunst
Atlas Font Foundry 2008
Jovica Veljovic
ITC 1984
François Ganeau and E+F Design Studio
Elsner+Flake 1952