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Packaging Design Focus 1

Last edited May 02, 2014

These typefaces are featured in Issue 1 of our Packaging Design Focus newsletter. Each one has the potential to serve as the focal type on a variety of labels, boxes, and bottles.

Dog pawprints on your clothes

Xavier Dupré designed FF Tartine Script and FF Jambono in 2000–2001, while he worked as a type designer in a packaging design agency in Paris. Dupré just wanted to have a complete font up his sleeve when he needed to whip up a logo for someone. FF Tartine Script is an informal face specially developed for food packaging, but it is also good for logos, or in short texts, or wherever you like.

Dying here is strictly prohibited

Jan Tschichold designed Sabon™ in 1964, and it was produced jointly by three foundries: D. Stempel AG, Linotype and Monotype. This was in response to a request from German master printers to make a font family that was the same design for the three metal type technologies of the time: foundry type for hand composition, linecasting, and single-type machine composition. Tschichold turned to the... Read More

Simulated meat floss biscuits

Designed by Intertype's design group under the direction of Edwin W. Shaar in about 1952, Nuptial Script is an informal face designed especially for wedding invitations. Ornate without being fussy, Nuptial Script is a welcome alternative to more commonly used alternatives.Nuptial Script's letterforms were influenced both by English copperplate hands and Italian calligraphic swash capitals.

Slip away the hot chicken slice

Based on a rigid grid of squares and triangles, FF Gothic is probably Neville Brody’s most strictly constructed type family. In spite of the simplicity of the basic forms, its many variations allow for play and variety.

Keep table cleaned after dying

The branding agency's client wanted an "ultra modern" typeface that was "futuristic without being gimmicky or ephemeral," according to the design brief. Designer Sebastian Lester took on this intriguing custom font assignment, but soon, a bureaucratic decision cancelled the project."I was left with a sketchbook full of ideas and thought it would be a shame not to see what came of them," says... Read More

No news is the mother of invention

Sackers Roman is an engraver, all-capitals family for invitations and stationery. The letters have strong contrast between thin and thick strokes. See also Sackers Gothic,Sackers Square Gothic,Sackers Script,and Sackers Classic Roman.

Charles Borges de Oliveira
Borges Lettering

Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa
Claude Garamond, Jan Tschichold and Akaki Razmadze
Linotype 1499
Edwin W. Shaar
Neville Brody
FontFont 1992
Nathan Williams
Baseline Fonts
Patrick Giasson and Sebastian Lester
Monotype 2004
Monotype.Design Studio