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Popular Tattoo Fonts

Top tattoo typefaces to buy and download

Last edited October 28, 2015

Thinking about getting a tattoo but not sure what to get? In the midst of designing one but have no clue what typeface to use? Didn’t receive our Letternews ‘The Tattoo Issue’?

We’ve put together our favorite tattoo fonts to help you get inspired and find the right type for you. They last forever after all!.

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Whatever you are, be a good one

FF Mark is one of the most iconic geometric sans serif typefaces of our time. Created by German type designers Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin, and the FontFont Type Department in 2013, this versatile family draws on historical examples from German geometry in the 1920s. With additional creative input of Erik Spiekermann, they created a contemporary interpretation of classic German... Read More

Do not use pool during fiery rain

FF Bauer Grotesk breathes new digital life into the metal type “Friedrich Bauer Grotesk”, a 1933 release by the Trennert & Sohn type foundry in Hamburg Altona, Germany. Its geometric construction infused with an art déco zeitgeist tied to the era, is closely related to such famous German designs as Futura, Erbar, Kabel and Super Grotesk which a few years earlier. Bauer Grotesk stands out by... Read More

Blaze up the custom made of going

Old English is a digital font that was produced by Monotype's design staff, circa 1990. But its roots go much further back: the face's design is based on that of Caslon Black, a Blackletter type cast by the venerable William Caslon foundry in England, circa 1760. This design has been popular throughout England for centuries. Its style of lettering, conveniently also called Old English, can be... Read More

He is a red sucker in our heart

FF Jackie is a semi-script/semi-sans series of typefaces. Its basic variants – in regular and bold weights – are inspired from the lettering on Jack Daniel’s whiskey labels. The typeface’s designer, Dario Muhafara, wanted to create a face with a contemporary look, somewhere between a retro sans and a serious script. His idea was to create a face that is suitable for text in large sizes – above... Read More

No cross railing lest suddenness happens

The “FF Levant” package is a collection of two typefaces: FF Bagel and FF Falafel. The designer, Per Jørgensen, said: “FF Falafel was the first FF Levant typeface to be designed. The idea came from watching Arabic lettering and seeing shapes that resembled Latin letters: Would it be possible to create an entire Latin alphabet by extracting shapes from Arabic? The design was done between... Read More

Wit is educated insolence

Bluntz is the work of American designer David Sagorski, an all capital font which was influenced by the crisp, energetic look of graffiti. The angular, confident nature of the letterforms reflect a visual power and spontaneity.

A friction is very interesting
FontShop Team

A classic tattoo typeface used by both old and new school style artists.

While each individually has its own merits, together the disparate handwritten and hand-drawn faces of the Distillery set form a... Read More

AR Gyosho
Arphic Font Design Team Arphic 2014
It is warm and fragrant to hint

Citadel Script is based on script handwriting and engraving used in formal announcements and invitations. The Citadel Script font lends itself to typesetting in which an elegant mood is desired. Citadel, Flemish Script, Florentine Script, and Old Fashion Script have similar lowercase letters, but unique flourished capitals.

Math is easy, design is hard

The Helinda Rook font is a popular choice in advertising, invitations, greeting cards, and wherever a formal hand-lettered or engraved look is desired. Helinda Rook is an elegant connecting alphabet font based on formal handwriting.

Survivors will be shot again

This font is one of the most used broken letter fonts today. Fette Fraktur is used to invoke a nostalgic or rustic feeling and found often on restaurants with 'hearty homemade food' or breweries who use the 'good old recipes' of the founder. The font was designed in the 19th century and from the beginning intended as an advertisement typeface. The lower case letters have a gothic character with... Read More

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