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Slab Serif

Tyler Berry
Last edited August 16, 2017
Let us do the birds friend

When the semi-serif Museo became a success in 2008, its designer Jos Buivenga researched some possibilities of other versions. Museo Sans was not that difficult because making a sans out of a (semi) serif is — more or less — cutting off the serifs and adjusting weight, width and contrast. So… Buivenga made Museo Sans and while doodling around and fiddling with slab serifs to make Museo Slab,... Read More

Please do not sit on crocodile

FF Milo Slab is not just the sans with slabs attached. It has undergone a wide range of careful adjustments from increased contrast, longer ascenders and descenders and modified glyphs in the heavier weights. All these changes amount a typeface that feels enough like Milo but also can stand on its own as a new and fresh typeface. The slab also has a more horizontal feel since the terminals... Read More

Who loves me, loves my dog too

Soho is the latest addition to the growing range of typefaces from Sebastian Lester. This grand opus of a project resulted in a typeface that comprises nine weights and five widths of precision engineered OpenType. 40 fonts, 32,668 characters and 24 OpenType features.Hot on the heels of the popular Neo Sans and Neo Tech range, and his first typeface release Scene, Soho represents three years of... Read More

Freak out and drink all the liquor

Because of the geometric basis of its forms, Memphis is often thought of as a font for technical fields, making a rational, purposeful impression. This emphasis on objectivity is well-suited to technical texts, but Memphis is appropriate for any text which should exhibit a clear, neutral character. Some weights are availabla as soft rounded versions.

Luc(as) de Groot

Michael Abbink
FontFont 2014
Sebastian Lester
Monotype 2007
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione
Linotype Design Studio and Rudolf Wolf
Linotype 1930