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Foundry Focus | TypeTogether

June 07, 2017 by Fontshop Team

TypeTogether is cultivating a formidable library of fonts, from its founders Veronika and José, greats like Gerard Unger, and — we’re pleased to say — many young voices new to the type community. Take a look at two of their most recent releases. An able sans for wayfinding that fits quite a few briefs, and a pleasant text face for UI work and long reads on-screen.

Initially designed for signage, LFT Iro Sans was later expanded to eight text weights and two display weights for use in editorial settings. The compact design’s conservative personality loosens up considerably as its weight increases. The family includes a symbol set in light and regular, and comes with a special unicase variant full of unconventional forms for settings that require just such a standout performance.

Portada challenges the assumption that sans serifs are best for user interfaces or other on-screen applications. Its strong forms and narrow fit work fine in tight spaces. Six weights make up the general-use section of the family, each complete with italics. A set of more generously-proportioned text variants handle the longer stretches, (four more weights). In addition to desktop use, Portada is available for web, app, and ePub licensing, of course. At checkout, choose “Styles” up top, and “Web” and find its icon set, yours for free.