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Letternews: The Logo Issue

February 17, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

These days, making logos can be perilous work. Stick to the basics: something cohesive that holds up well at small sizes and reproduces successfully in a single color. As for fonts, may we suggest these as a starting point?


Christian Schwartz for Font Bureau

Clear, clean, highly legible at small sizes and over long distances, Christian Schwartz’s Amplitude makes a sharp and distinguished mark without drawing unnecessary attention. And when you’re expanding the identity – what a range of weights, and widths to work with!

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Hopeless Diamond

Jonathan Barnbrook and Marcus Leis Allion for Virus Fonts

Hopeless Diamond’s faceted texture creates a striking word image that requires a bit more time to decode, but that rewards those who look closely. Additional chromatic variants allow the typographer to layer colors, or introduce additional patterns to the composition.

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John Downer for Emigre

Brothers, and other John Downer faces like Council and Ironmonger, paint a picture of ruggedness and dependability with heavy lines and solid serifs. It combines well with brush scripts, engraving and penman alphabets, and itself, with a set of decorated word logos.

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FF Aad

Aad van Dommelen for FontFont

Aad van Dommelen’s spectacular namesake ventures into familiar squarish tech sans territory, but ends up in a much fresher destination. The overall spareness and simplicity of its forms, paired with its fractured heavy weights, and lyrical curves create a face with distinction.

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Jacques Le Bailly for Bold Monday

Also built for chromatic setting, Jacques Le Bailly’s Macula depicts impossible three-dimensional shapes. Achieve otherworldly, Escheresque forms with single characters, or when used to set words. The effect is greatly amplified by overlayering the hatched Shading style.

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CocijoType Foundry

CocijoType (pronounced Ko•SEE•ho) represents some of the best work coming out of Mexico. Graphic, contemporary, and display-heavy, their catalog lends itself well to logo work.

TYPO Labs 2016

We are delighted to announce our 1st TYPO Labs font technology conference, which will be held in Berlin at May 10 and 11 – as an offshoot of TYPO Berlin (May 12–14). We are privileged to present acclaimed font engineers, academicians, technologists and industry leaders from across the globe to discuss new developments and breakthroughs in all disciplines of type creation, techniques and standards. Tickets are limited to 200 attendees, so please hurry to join the first font innovations summit, organised by TYPO Berlin team.

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