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ITC Novarese™ Font Field Guide | Myfonts

ITC Novarese™ Font Field Guide

Foundry: ITC  Designers: Aldo Novarese   Classification: Glyphic Serif

Best Practices

The contrast between thick and thin strokes is noticeable but not extreme, giving text set in ITC Novarese sparkle and color without sacrificing readability. This is a typeface that performs equally well at both display and text sizes in print and digital environments.


Four weights of roman, three with italics

Font Facts

  • The first italics were designed as single-weight families and only contained lowercase characters

  • The idea was to use capitals and other characters as they became necessary, from whatever font the printer had available. The italics in the ITC Novarese family are a traditional interpretation of the italic genre.


Aldo Novarese originally designed this typeface for Switzerland’s Haas type foundry. International Typeface Corporation (ITC) licensed it shortly after its first release and issued the design as ITC Novarese in December of 1979.


Highly legible letterforms with abbreviated descenders that provide economy of space. Short serifs allow latitude in letter spacing with no loss of readability.

How to spot ITC Novarese™

Download a pdf version of the ITC Novarese™ font field guide and view the ITC Novarese™ font family.

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