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Distressed: Typewriter

The more digital we get, the more we miss analog. The more we miss analog, the better digital gets at analog simulation.

Stephen Coles
Last edited September 17, 2014

These fonts based on typewriter typefaces are rough edged to imply wear, age, or the effect of letterpress ink on handmade paper.

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Wit is educated insolence

FF Elementa is a complete family, with regular, bold and companion italic styles, which is something of a rarity in the world of digital typewriter-style faces. Designed by Mindaugas Strockis, its forms came from a dream of how the perfect typewriter really should be: one whose text is always tidy, clean and sharp – while also offering all sorts of diacritics and special symbols. While FF... Read More

Math is easy, design is hard

FF Magda is a grunge family designed by Swiss-born designer Cornel Windlin. “I intended it to be a sister font to Erik van Blokland’s very popular FF Trixie, in order to offer a less nostalgic typewriter face to designers with an appetite for Banal Everyday Typography,” wrote Windlin. FF Magda isn’t a lazy effort, however. The family includes no less than nine levels of boldness or ink bleed,... Read More

Entering shop by stroller you decline

Mark Stanczyk designed Linotype Typo American in 1999. The font is an excellent revival of American style typewriter type. As most of us can remember from our childhood years, or through old stories and movies, everyone used to type with typewriters before the invention of computers. Unlike computers, most individual typewriters only had one typestyle, or font, to chose from. To make matters... Read More

Mindaugas Strockis
FontFont 1998
Cornel Windlin
FontFont 1995

Image Club
Mark Stanczyk
Linotype 1999