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High-contrast Script Fonts

Script fonts with a pronounced contrast between thicks and thins, mostly inspired by vintage brush scripts.

Yves Peters
Last edited July 09, 2015
Stop, I do not eat junk mail

Arriba is the work of English designer Phill Grimshaw. The angular forms and the simulated broad brush style results in an alphabet which can be used in a variety of applications, whether print or new media. Arriba also includes a number of alternate characters for even more flexibility. This font is best used with its letters set close together. The lively Latin American look of Arriba... Read More

Fly chair shaking his head

The lively calligraphy font Bendigo was created by Phill Grimshaw in 1993 and looks as though it were written by an energetic hand. Generous capitals fit harmoniously with more reserved lower case letters and the right slant of both emphasizes the dynamic feeling of the font. Bendigo should be used in point sizes of 14 or larger and its strong character makes it particularly good for headlines.

Please civilization use elevator

ITC Kick is the work of California designer Patty King, a bold and energetic brush script. The marked contrast of stroke weight lends the forms dynamism. ITC Kick is a stylish, graceful calligraphy font which will lend headlines a sense of modernity and sophistication.

Houston, we have a problem

Salto font was developed by Karlgeorg Hoefer and introduced in 1952 by the foundry Gebr. Klingspor in Offenbach. The capital letters were drawn with a brush, the lower case with a broad-tipped pen (Brause 505) developed by Hoefer especially for the task. Salto font reflects the Zeitgeist of the 1950s, appearing frequently in advertisements during the years of the Wirtschaftswunder. The font's... Read More

Tether even a roasted chicken

Aldo Novarese designed the Fluidum typeface in 1951. As its name implies, the design is very fluid. This high contrast script face curls and twists across the line. It is sort of a cross between Giambattista Bodoni's cursive letters, and Aldo Novarese's later, heavier designs, like Microgramma, Eurostile, and Sprint. Fludium should be set in very large pint sizes. It is perfect for invitations,... Read More

Misery loves bacon and cheese

Julia Script is a playful calligraphic font designed by David Harris in 1983. It takes the viewer back to the flower power of the 1970s. Generous capitals with cheerful, rounded stroke beginnings and endings contrast perfectly with the narrower, closer, but nevertheless vibrant lower case letters. Characteristic of this typeface and similar to Candice is the marked increase in stroke width... Read More

Neil Summerour
Positype 2014
Neil Summerour
Positype 2014
Alejandro Paul, Joluvian and - Joluvian
Sudtipos 2013
Charles Borges de Oliveira and Pierre Tardif
Borges Lettering
Alejandro Paul and Alf R. Becker
Garrett Boge
Phill Grimshaw
ITC 1993
Phill Grimshaw
ITC 1993
Patty King
ITC 1995
Karlgeorg Hoefer
Linotype 1952
Alessandro Butti
Monotype 1951
Nick Curtis
ITC 1983