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Inline: Script

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Yves Peters
Last edited May 08, 2014
Please present your octopus

Inscription is the work of Alan Meeks, a bold copperplate script with a fine open line running throughout. The relatively restrained initial capitals are complemented by a lowercase which joins together in the style of true handwriting. Inscription will give any text a look of refined elegance.

Do not put in food translation

Cabarga Cursiva is the work of the father and son team of Demetrio E. Cabarga and Leslie Cabarga, both New York designers. The details of the sharp strokes almost give the impression of a knife blade, whether straight or curved like a scimitar. The capitals should be used only as initials and are complemented by a robust lower case alphabet as well as alternate forms and ligatures.

Survivors will be shot again

Arthur Baker's display script Sassafras, designed in 1995, is based on the natural inline effect created when writing with a split-metal nibbed pen. Black and white are nicely balanced, giving this calligraphic face a remarkably smooth appearance. The regular and italic versions of Sassafras include two alternate faces: one with long, tall ascenders and regular-length descenders, and one with... Read More

Write drunk, but edit sober

Based on script handwriting and engraving used in formal announcements and invitations, Riviera Script lends itself to typesetting in which an elegant mood is desired. The Riviera Script font is an upright script with an engraved appearance and decorative capitals.

Grandiose inhabitation project

Zaragoza is the work of British designer Phill Grimshaw, a bold and beautifully rendered script which incorporated an internal zigzag decoration. Generous capitals harmonize with a lowercase that should be set close to reproduce the look of true handwriting.

Alan Meeks
ITC 1994
Gerhard Schwekendiek
ITC 1991
Leslie Cabarga and Demetrio E. Cabarga
ITC 1982
Arthur Baker
Monotype 1995
Monotype.Design Studio
Monotype 2003
Phill Grimshaw
ITC 1995