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Stencil: Display

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Stephen Coles
Last edited October 24, 2014
Simulated meat floss biscuits

“There are many Bauhaus style fonts on the net/in the different libraries. For me, there were no questions about hungarian influences. I’d be authentic with letterforms (using some samples according to Bauhaus designers) nonetheless, I wanted to commemorate Hungarian designers/teachers (Breuer, Moholy-Nagy, Molnár e.t.c. to new Bauhaus: Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier or anyhow Kassák of... Read More

It is warm and fragrant to hint

Braggadocio is a very black typeface. Braggadocio is a strange hybrid with characteristics of both sans serif and modern faces; and it belongs very much to its time. Like high society in the 1920's, it should not be taken too seriously. Use the Braggadocio font for display lines in advertising, magazines and light hearted communications.

Beware of the brick in front of you

FF Snafu fits compact letterforms into a rounded stencil package. Drawn as a pixel font initially, the idea ended up in vectors with softened interconnected forms. The result is warm and inviting, and suggests a playfulness of stroke with its uncommon placement of stencil bridges.

Danger! Dinosaur area, keep out

Linotype Authentic is a post-modern type system developed by the German designer Karin Huschka in 1999. With 30 individual styles, Linotype Authentic is broken up across four sub-families: Linotype Authentic Serif (8 styles), Linotype Authentic Stencil (6 styles), Linotype Authentic Sans (8 styles), and Linotype Authentic Small Serif (8 styles).The post-modern-ness of the Linotype Authentic... Read More

Günther Flake, Sigrid Claessens and Paul Renner
Elsner+Flake 1999
Gábor Kóthay
Job Muveszeti Studio 2003
W. A. Woolley
Monotype 1930
Jonathan Hitchen
FontFont 2002
John Roshell
John Roshell
Robert Harling
Elsner+Flake 1939
Karin Huschka
Linotype 1999