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Fontlists and User Accounts Reborn

May 06, 2014 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

In this week’s sprint, we’ve added two delightful new features to So look out for the fresh re-design of Fontlists and User Accounts. Though still in beta, these latest features are elegant and versatile, and they allow you to edit and curate for the first time ever on the new website.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to engage directly with the website in an even more creative, fun and useful way, the time is now.

The Fontlists were originally conceived as a means for crunching the vast selection of fonts into short, clear, thematic groups that make it easy and fun to discover new families. The new Fontlists were re-designed to include more metadata such as overall list and family descriptions, individual comments for each typeface, and images. They’re also more richly showcased, with varying display specimens in different point sizes, and can now be viewed as full overviews, summary lists or as mini-galleries. To kick off the launch of the new Fontlists, we’ve selected a special group of featured Fontlists that were created by some of our favorite editors and typophiles.

Thanks to the new Fontlists feature, now you too can be a Fontlist editor. Create your own Fontlists directly on the website, and curate them with images, descriptions and personal commentary, for private or public use. It’s a great way to inspire others, and to get inspiration.

The new user account is your personal playground and utility area. You can sign up with an e-mail address or with Facebook, and post your photo and social media links. If you’re an existing user on, you can simply log in with your old user data. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can create and administrate your Fontlists from there. If you decide to “like” any families on the website, these will also appear here.

Sign up and have fun trying out these new features. Then let us know what you think. As always, your feedback will continue to help shape the further development of the site.