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Letternews: Fonts for Branding, Identity & Logo Design

July 06, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

When doing a brand refresh or establishing an identity from scratch, type is one of the strong threads that runs through all of it, uniting each product and campaign through every season. Versatile and recognizable fonts, when used well, will handle the heavy lifting.


Jérémie Hornus and Clara Jullien for Indian Type Foundry

This spurless, superelliptical collaboration between Jérémie Hornus and Clara Jullien takes the familiar shapes and proportions of Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile and pushes toward a sleek linear design with softened edges. Made for display work; five weights complete with italics.

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Sami Kortemäki, Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs for Underware

Tripper mixes industrial utility with pure playfulness. Rough textured variants and chromatic sets offer lots of room for improvisation when iteratively working within a single set of brand guidelines. Tripper features “stencil kerning,” which aids in the production of physical stencils.

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FF Aad™

Aad van Dommelen for FontFont

Aad van Dommelen’s eponymous work was produced with corporate use in mind; something polished and forward-looking, yet not too slick or unapproachable. The design of its capitals with opposing diagonal strokes such as M, N, V, and W serve as easily recognizable anchors.

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Måns Grebäck for Aring Typeface AB

Dancing laser beam grafitti from the eighties: Måns Grebäck brings the memory of this splashy lettering style back to life. But its role shouldn’t be limited to period-style arcade games and album sleeves. Xtreem, and its update Xtreem 2, is ready for what’s next.

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Gareth Hague for Alias

As Capo progresses in weight, its ‘pinched’ shoulder and bowl joins are accentuated, transforming the design from an unassuming grotesque for body text, into a distinctive display face made for high visibility. Four weights in all.

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Branding & Identity Fontlist

There’s more. Find flexible and fun faces for identity systems, packaging and branding exercises. Distinctive, peculiar, exotic, extravagant, reserved, economical, assertive and calm, find yours.

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