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Best of 2017 – Sans

A round-up of our favorite Sans Serifs released in 2017.

Last edited June 18, 2019

2017 was a year full of fabulous font releases, so much so, that we couldn’t fit them in one list! So, we have three Best Of Lists for 2017, starting with our top ten favorite Sans Serifs.

Freak out and drink all the liquor

Aeroport is a new typeface in the spirit of both German geometric sans serifs and Swiss neogrotesques. Its deliberately wide proportions and relatively short capitals account for the excellent way the type carries the line. Its short ascenders and descenders allow for very tight leading. When used in large point sizes, Aeroport reveals its industrial ancestry and its unconventional design: the... Read More

Holy cow no responsible for your car

UX, web and interactive designers working on digital interfaces, complex website projects, apps, games, kiosks and HTML ads will appreciate the on-screen high legibility performance of the PMN Caecilia® Sans family. Drawn by Peter Matthias Noordzij, the suite of faces share the foundation of his earlier PMN Caecilia slab serif design. While PMN Caecilia has proven to be a popular typeface in... Read More

Luis Bandovas
Latinotype 2017
Viktor Nübel
FontFont 2017
Gerard Unger, Monotype.Design Studio and Linda Hintz
Linotype 1977

René Bieder
Gayaneh Bagdasaryan and Vyacheslav Kirilenko
Brownfox 2017
Peter Matthias Noordzij
Monotype 2017
Verena Gerlach
FontFont 2017
Christoph Dunst
Atlas Font Foundry 2017
PeGGO Fonts
PeGGO Fonts 2017