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MyFonts publishes periodic newsletters by e-mail: Rising Stars and Creative Characters monthly, and seasonal specials.

    Creative Characters Interview with Martin Majoor
    Creative Characters interview with Veneta Rangelova
    Karen Kavett’s Favourite Five Typefaces
    Kira Crugnale’s Favorite Five Typefaces
    Laura Guardalabene’s Favorite Five Typefaces
    Warm to Laura Worthington’s Adorn
    Creative Characters interview with TipoType
    Meet Jim Ford’s Masqualero, a hauntingly refined serif typeface
    The Big Script Sale Day 4
    The Big Script Sale Day 3
    The Big Script Sale Day 2
    Big Script Sale Day 1
    Creative Characters interview with Nicky Laatz
    Joey Cofone’s Favorite Five Typefaces
    Creative Characters interview with Alisa Now
    Chris Allen’s Favorite Five Typefaces
    April Rising Stars Newsletter
    Mike Lemanski’s favorite Five Typefaces
    Alana Louise – My favorite Five Typefaces
    Creative Characters interview with Akira Kobayashi
    Scott Biersack: My Favorite Five
    MyFonts Best of 2016
    Scott Fuller: My Favorite Five typefaces
    Creative Characters with Fontpartners
    Rising Stars December 2016
    Creative Characters interview with The Foundry
    Rising Stars October 2016
    Creative Characters interview with Comicraft
    Rising Stars September 2016
    Rising Stars August 2016
    Nadine Chahine interview
    Rising Stars July 2016
    Creative Characters Interview with Zuzana Licko Zuzana Licko
    Rising Stars June 2016
    Creative Characters Interview with Kostić Type Foundry
    Rising Stars May 2016
    Creative Characters Interview with Cindy Kinash
    Rising Stars April 2016
    Marconi Lima interview, March 2016
    Rising Stars March 2016
    Creative Characters Interview with Jovica Veljovic
    February 2016 Rising Stars
    Creative Characters #100: Highlights from the last 99 issues
    Rising Stars January 2016
    MyFonts Most Popular Fonts of 2015, January 2016
    December 2015 Rising Stars
    Creative Characters Interview with Sabrina Mariela Lopez
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, November 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Mika Melvas
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, October 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Verena Gerlach
    Rising Stars September 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Ryan Martinson
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, August 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Alan Meeks
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, July 2015
    Creative Characters Hermann Zapf in Memorium
    Rising Stars June 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with VetteLetters
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, May 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Satya Rajpurohit
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, April 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Julia SysmŠlŠinen
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, March 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Alejandro Lo Celso
    MyFonts Rising Stars Newsletter, February 2015
    Carlos Fabi‡n Camargo Guerrero
    Rising Stars January 2015
    Most Popular of 2015
    Creative Characters Interview with Erik Spiekermann
    Rising Stars December 2014
    Creative Characters Interview with Olivier Gourvat
    Rising Stars November 2014
    Creative Characters Interview with Alexandra Korolkova
    Rising Stars Newsletter, October 2014
    Creative Characters interview with MŒns GrebŠck
    Rising Stars September 2014
    Creative Characters Interview with Sumner Stone
    Rising Stars August 2014
    2013-2014: A Creative Characters Update
    Rising Stars July 2014
    Creative Characters interview with Sascha Timplan, June 2014
    Rising Stars June 2014
    Creative Characters Interview with Maximiliano Sproviero
    Rising Stars May 2014
    Creative Characters interview with René Bieder
    Rising Stars April 2014
    Creative Characters interview with Typejockeys, March 2014
    Rising Stars, March 2014
    The Northern Block interview, February 2014
    Rising Stars February 2014
    Latinotype interview, January 2014
    Rising Stars January 2014
    Most Popular Fonts of 2013
    Creative Characters interview with Charles Borges de Oliveira, December 2013
    Rising Stars, December 2013
    Eduardo Manso interview, November 2013
    Rising Stars November 2013
    Matthew Carter interview, October 2013
    Rising Stars, October 2013
    Fontyou interview, September 2013
    Rising Stars September 2013
    Rui Abreu, interview August 2013
    Rising Stars August 2013
    Rising Stars July 2013
    Rosetta interview, June 2013
    Rising Stars June 2013
    Ulrike Wilhelm interview, May 2013
    Rising Stars May 2013
    Sibylle Hagmann interview, April 2013
    Rising Stars April 2013
    Type-Ø-Tones interview, March 2013
    Rising Stars March 2013
     Dave Rowland interview, February 2013
    Rising Stars February 2013
    Emil Bertell interview, January 2013
    Rising Stars January 2013
    Most Popular Fonts of 2012
    Manuel Eduardo Corradine interview, December 2012
    Rising Stars December 2012
    Eduilson Wessler Coan interview, November 2012
    Rising Stars November 2012
    Ramiro Espinoza interview, October 2012
    Rising Stars October 2012
    Bruno Maag interview, September 2012
    Rising Stars September 2012
    Crystal Kluge interview, August 2012
    Rising Stars August 2012
    Gareth Hague interview, July 2012
    Rising Stars July 2012
    Emily Conners interview, June 2012
    Rising Stars June 2012
    Steve Matteson interview, May 2012
    Rising Stars May 2012
    Dieter Hofrichter interview, April 2012
    Rising Stars April 2012
    Nick Cooke interview, March 2012
    Rising Stars March 2012
    Andrij Shevchenko interview, February 2012
    Rising Stars February 2012
    Daniel Hernández interview, January 2012
    Rising Stars January 2012
    Most popular fonts of 2011
    Melle Diete interview, December 2011
    Rising Stars December 2011
    PintassilgoPrints interview, November 2011
    Rising Stars November 2011
    Jeremy Dooley interview, October 2011
    Rising Stars October 2011
    Svetoslav Simov interview, September 2011
    Rising Stars September 2011
    Bo Berndal interview, August 2011
    Rising Stars August 2011
    Ludwig Übele interview, July 2011
    Rising Stars July 2011
    Gerard Unger interview, June 2011
    Rising Stars June 2011
    Natalia Vasilyeva interview, May 2011
    Rising Stars May 2011
    Chank Diesel interview, April 2011
    Rising Stars April 2011
    Cadson Demak interview, March 2011
    Rising Stars March 2011
    Stefan Hattenbach interview, February 2011
    Rising Stars February 2011
    Michael Doret interview, January 2011
    Rising Stars January 2011
    Best fonts of 2010
    Ryoichi Tsunekawa interview, December 2010
    Rising Stars December 2010
    Rae Kaiser interview, November 2010
    Rising Stars November 2010
    Jonathan Barnbrook interview
    Rising Stars October 2010
    Stuart Sandler interview, September 2010
    Rising Stars September 2010
    Laura Worthington interview, August 2010
    Rising Stars August 2010
    Hannes von Döhren interview, July 2010
    Rising Stars July 2010
    Tipo interview, June 2010
    12 Insider Tips
    Rising Stars June 2010
    Kapitza sisters interview, May 2010
    Rising Stars May 2010
    Richard Lipton interview, April 2010
    Rising Stars April 2010
    Panos Vassiliou interview, March 2010
    Rising Stars March 2010
    Tomi Haaparanta interview, February 2010
    Rising Stars February 2010
    Neil Summerour interview, January 2010
    Rising Stars January 2010
    Top 10 fonts of 2009
    Three Creative Characters from Moscow
    Rising Stars December 2009
    Hubert Jocham interview, November 2009
    Rising Stars November 2009
    Rob Leuschke interview, October 2009
    Rising Stars October 2009
    Jos Buivenga interview, September 2009
    Rising Stars September 2009
    10 for $10 or less
    Alejandro Paul interview, August 2009
    Rising Stars August 2009
    Jean François Porchez interview, July 2009
    Rising Stars July 2009
    Patrick Griffin interview, June 2009
    Rising Stars June 2009
    Ray Larabie interview, May 2009
    Rising Stars May 2009
    Rian Hughes interview, April 2009
    Rising Stars April 2009
    Eric Gill interview, April 1, 2009
    Silas Dilworth interview, March 2009
    Rising Stars March 2009
    Cyrus Highsmith interview, February 2009
    Rising Stars February 2009
    Mark Simonson interview, January 2009
    Rising Stars January 2009
    Top 10 fonts of 2008
    In Your Face Quarterly: Winter 2008/2009
    Creative Characters December 2008
    Rising Stars December 2008
    Creative Characters November 2008
    Rising Stars November 2008
    Creative Characters October 2008
    Rising Stars October 2008
    In Your Face Quarterly: Fall 2008
    Rising Stars September 2008
    Creative Characters September 2008
    Rising Stars August 2008
    Creative Characters July / August 2008
    Rising Stars July 2008
    In Your Face Quarterly: Summer 2008
    Creative Characters June 2008
    Rising Stars June 2008
    Creative Characters May 2008
    Rising Stars May 2008
    Creative Characters April 2008
    Rising Stars April 2008
    In Your Face Quarterly: March 2008
    Creative Characters March 2008
    Rising Stars March 2008
    Creative Characters February 2008
    Rising Stars February 2008
    Creative Characters January 2008
    Rising Stars January 2008
    Top 10 Fonts of 2007
    In Your Face December 2007
    Creative Characters December 2007
    Rising Stars December 2007
    Creative Characters November 2007
    Rising Stars November 2007
    Creative Characters October 2007
    Rising Stars October 2007
    In Your Face September 2007
    Creative Characters September 2007
    Rising Stars September 2007
    Creative Characters August 2007
    Rising Stars August 2007
    Creative Characters July 2007
    In Your Face Summer 2007
    Rising Stars July 2007
    Rising Stars June 2007
    Distinguished Characters: Modern classics
    Rising Stars May 2007
    Rising Stars April 2007
    In Your Face Spring 2007
    Rising Stars March 2007
    Rising Stars February 2007
    In Your Face Winter 2007
    Rising Stars January 2007
    Best Fonts of 2006
    Rising Stars December 2006
    Decorative & Display Fonts from MyFonts
    Rising Stars November 2006
    Rising Stars October 2006
    In Your Face Autumn 2006
    Rising Stars September 2006
    Text Fonts
    Rising Stars August 2006
    Rising Stars July 2006
    In Your Face Summer 2006
    Rising Stars June 2006
    Handwriting Fonts
    Rising Stars May 2006
    Rising Stars April 2006
    In Your Face March 2006
    Rising Stars March 2006
    Rising Stars February 2006
    Rising Stars January 2006
    Best Fonts of 2005
    In Your Face December 2005
    Rising Stars December 2005
    Elegant Script Fonts
    Rising Stars November 2005
    Rising Stars October 2005
    In Your Face October 2005
    Rising Stars September 2005
    Text Fonts
    Rising Stars August 2005
    Rising Stars July 2005
    In Your Face July 2005
    Rising Stars June 2005
    Rising Stars May 2005
    Picture Fonts
    Rising Stars April 2005
    In Your Face March 2005
    Rising Stars March 2005
    Rising Stars February 2005
    Valentine Fonts
    Rising Stars January 2005
    Best New Fonts of 2004
    Rising Stars December 2004
    In Your Face December 2004
    Holiday Fonts
    Rising Stars November 2004
    Rising Stars October 2004
    In Your Face September 2004
    Rising Stars September 2004
    Rising Stars August 2004
    Rising Stars July 2004
    Rising Stars June 2004
    In Your Face May 2004
    Rising Stars May 2004
    Rising Stars April 2004
    Rising Stars Newsletter, February 2017

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